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Train Your Mind. Transform Your Life.

A mental fitness membership that enables you to transform your mindset and achieve greater personal and professional growth.

Level up your life

Overcome adversity

Unlock your potential

Master the art of mental resilience

Have you ever…
  • Felt like your mind was holding you back from reaching your next level?
  • Wished you had the simple tools to overcome stress and adversity?
  • Wanted to discover more clarity of purpose and build your confidence?
  • Wondered what was missing or needed when life seems out of balance?

The key to overcoming life’s challenges isn’t simply trying harder.
It’s training our minds.

Take control of your mental well-being and become your best.

Create lasting change

See quick wins and long-term results within a supportive, encouraging community of like-minded leaders.

Make better decisions

Gain confidence in your decision-making through monthly calls and trainings that help you sharpen your mental fitness.

Get unstuck

Learn how we can grow from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset, developing the resilience needed to navigate life’s challenges.

Overcome adversity

Unleash the power within you to grow through life’s toughest opportunities.

I know how it feels to want and need that mental edge in life.

I’m Chance, founder of One More Benefit.

From rising athletes, to their parents, entrepreneurs and average people who simply want to get to their next level…. I have worked with hundreds of emerging leaders over the last 3 decades.

One constant theme through it all? The people with the most success and joy in life tap into the power of mental fitness. 

As a Christian, husband, father, entrepreneur, and coach I have experienced my share of setbacks and adversity.

That’s why I started One More Benefit—to share the transformative benefits of mental fitness that I experienced firsthand.

I’m here to help you bridge the gap between wanting a mental edge and having the tools to put mental fitness into practice and thrive in every area of your life.

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Weekly Mental Reps

This free weekly resource and training tip is sent straight to your inbox, providing you with insight and practical next steps to help you get 1% better each day.

Mental Fitness Membership

Take your life to the next level. Train your mind with us in our Mental Fitness Training Membership. Every month, we provide multiple trainings, resources and support to help you strengthen your mental toughness and capacity.

Fit Life Mastermind

Enroll Now
Many leaders experience some level of financial or business success and wonder what is missing. This unique mastermind helps you find and develop the Fit Life. Join the wait list if you know there is more to life and the success you have been experiencing.

Here’s How It Works

With us, you don’t have to go at it alone.

Become a Member

Begin your journey to greater mental resilience and become a member of our mental fitness training program.

Train Your Mind

Every month, we explore a variety of techniques and practices proven to enhance focus, resilience, and overall mental well-being.

Transform Your Life

Harness the full power of your mind to create the life you were meant to experience.

What clients are saying…

Thank you!

“Thank you all for opening this great series to us – I learned a lot and have some goals and new habits to work on!”
– Joan Gibson, Director of Human Resources – Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland

Really appreciate the energy

“Really appreciate the energy, time and content you and you co hosts have given me and the group!”
– Scott Morgan

Thank you for helping us get mentally fit!

“We have all faced challenges at some point in our lives but the last three years have been unique for everyone, and your Mental Fitness Training could not have come at a better time!  Because of this program, I am much more intentional with my time, thoughts, and actions. I’m able to show up for others in meaningful ways that six months ago I didn’t have the capacity for.  The impact this program has had on all aspects of my life is a game changer.”
– Cheryl Groves

You all were placed in my life for a purpose

“Truly grateful for the opportunity to participate in your weekly sessions – the topics, the discussions, the relevancy and timing for where I’m at in life could not be more perfect.”
– Katie McDonough

Mental fitness is a trained skill

Take control of your mental well-being and create lasting change—enroll in our mental fitness membership today.
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Weekly Mental Reps

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